:  Point in E-Geometry , which is nothing and dimensionless , can be derived from the addition of a Positive (+)and a Negative (-) number while Material point has dimension , the Segment ds=[⊕⊝] , and originates in the same way . Adding it to numbers  i.e. Monads , creates Primary Particles, the Rest-Gravity constituent and the Atoms of Periodic System in Planck`s Space-Level. Monads are Spinning because of the inner Electromagnetic Waves E,P which create External Spin and again the Inner Electromagnetic Waves E , P continuing this eternal Cycle . Now  is shown the , Why and  How the Spinning of Particles and the Way and the Place  conserved.  Euclidean-Geometry elucidated the definitions of Geometry-content {Point, Segment, Straight Line, Plane ,Volume Space [S] Anti-space [AS] ,Sub-space [SS] ,Cave, Space-Anti-Space Mechanism of the Six-Triple-Points-Line ,that produces and transfers Points of Spaces , Anti-Spaces and Sub-Spaces in a Common Inertial Sub -Space , the Field [MFMF] and Particles} and the same for Material-Geometry which describes the Space andand Energy beyond Plank´s length-level [ G -Length 3,969.10 ̄ 62] , to Point  =   m → 0 .  Energy monads presuppose Energy-Space Base which is the cause of Spaces existence and the motion of particles. This Energy-Space Base , MFMF = Medium-Field of Material-Fragments is the Material-Geometry    in the way used in Mechanics and Physics . Property for Doubling Energy in the same Space is encountered    in Stationary wave where Energy  is proportional to angular velocity ,w . Now is shown  the How  Material-Fragments are built-in E -Geometry and the Why follow its moulds . The Special Problems of  E-geometry consist the , Mould Quantization of  Euclidean Geometry in it to become → Monad , through mould of  Space -Anti-space in itself , which is the material dipole in inner monad Structure as is the Electromagnetic cycloidal field  . The Unification of Space and Energy  becomes through [STPL] Geometrical Mould Mechanism of the   minimum Energy-Quanta to  Monads → Particles, Anti-particles, Bosons, Gravity-Force, Gravity-Field, Photons,Dark Matter , and  Dark-Energy , consisting the Material Dipoles in inner monad Structures , with light velocity and continually formulating the ,Zero → Discrete ,Particles-Atoms-Elements →Infinite Geometrical Universe. Conservation of Energy, as Torsional momentum, is obtained by Dynamical stability of Nucleus-Wheel-Rims